Chapter 13

What Is Chapter 13 and How Can It Help You?

The Price Law Firm helps individuals and families in the Dallas – Fort Worth area that may benefit from the protection federal bankruptcy law provides under Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 can:

  • Stop foreclosure on your home immediately
  • Stop repossession of your automobile
  • Stop eviction from your apartment, or 
  • Stop garnishment of bank accounts or salary from your job including IRS wage garnishments

Do you have consistent and regular income, but need to have your debts reorganized so you can make reasonable payments? Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you get caught up on your mortgage or car payments without losing your house or car, and in many cases helps with taxes owed to the IRS.

The Price Law Firm will help you with your Chapter 13 payment plan to pay your creditors over a period of time. The plan we submit on your behalf will include all of the payments that will occur during the duration of your repayment plan, allowing you to know exactly what is owed and when. When you file Chapter 13, your creditors must stop trying to collect on the debt directly from you and will only be able to do so through the bankruptcy court. Most people discover that Chapter 13 allows them to keep their property (including their house and car), and their creditors often must accept less money than the full amount of the debt.

The advantage of Chapter 13 is that allows you to get caught up on your payments while also keeping your property. You can catch up on mortgages and car loans and end the fear of foreclosure or repossession. Chapter 13 prevents creditors from seizing real and personal property as long as the plan payments are made in a timely manner.

The Price Law Firm helps individuals and families file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our attorneys are glad to meet with you for free to review and plan for the best way to solve your debt issues. Do you qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy? Is bankruptcy even right for you? We’ll answer these questions and, if you decide bankruptcy is the right answer, we'll help make the process as smooth as possible.

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