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Government and private sector studies have demonstrated that the risks posed by texting and driving are at least as severe as drinking and driving. There has never been a time in modern history where driving has posed the hazards as it does today. Car accidents number in the tens of thousands each year in Texas and having an advocate on your side when these risks and dangers intersect with your life has never been more important.

Dallas-Fort Worth is home to some of the busiest highways in North America… and as any North Texas driver will attest, there’s always traffic and construction that comes with them. If you ever find yourself in an accident, first and foremost attend to the safety of you and your passengers. Call for help if it’s needed and seek medical care immediately if there’s any doubt as to you or your passengers’ injuries. It’s important to protect your rights after an accident, and that’s where The Price Law Firm can help. We’ll go after the negligent driver for maximum compensation for your injuries and other losses. After an accident, there’s a ton of pieces to put back together and dealing with insurance companies is simply too much for most folks to handle. Leave that headache to us, it’s what we do.

The Price Law Firm car accident attorneys in DFW always:

· Investigate every possible path to relief to ease the burden and stress after an auto accident 

· Assist in finding excellent medical care to help you get back on your feet Regardless of whether our clients have health insurance, we will 

· Analyze your situation to see what’s available to help you recover any lost wages you may have experienced 

Did more than just a negligent driver lead to your accident? The Price Law Firm will investigate the car accident and will act upon anything we see that will help you achieve the maximum recovery

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